A Life Worth Imitating

    We are all mentors to someone. We are watched, imitated, mentoring others, and being mentored. Nobody is an island.

    Gena Caruthers Gena Caruthers

    March/April Issue

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    Hold the Pen

    Our stories may have broken and painful chapters, but there’s always redemptive value when God…

    Julie Long Julie Long

    Withholding Nothing

    Though it may be challenging to give without holding back, especially when there never seems…

    Linda Gleason Linda Gleason
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    From the Archives

    The Journey from Impossible to Possible Transformation

    What seemed impossible at times during the discipling process became a miracle experience as I watched God transform his life.

    Marlene Gleason Marlene Gleason

    A Favorite Place

    God desires to make every human heart His favorite place. I want to be a…

    Julie Long Julie Long


    Has God been speaking to you about a deeper experience with Him?

    Mary Loudermilk Mary Loudermilk

    Two Steps Forward

    We prayed he would not revert to old behaviors but remain committed to the positive…

    Jennifer Matthews Jennifer Matthews

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