The Favored Road

    Hard roads are not the absence of God’s favor but an opportunity for His grace to be felt deeply and

    Rachel Gates Rachel Gates

    November/December Issue

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    Here Come the Holidays

    Are you sad, frustrated, or uptight? Try thankfulness—it works even in difficult times.

    Linda Gleason Linda Gleason

    A Favorite Place

    God desires to make every human heart His favorite place. I want to be a

    Julie Long Julie Long
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    From the Archives


    Has God been speaking to you about a deeper experience with Him?

    Mary Loudermilk Mary Loudermilk

    A Little Dirt Never Hurt

    Health benefits from time spent in the dirt are promising.

    Gayla Foster Gayla Foster

    Avoiding Loss of Life

    Even when one is recovering from loss, joy can be found in seizing the moments

    Janet Trout Janet Trout

    The Faith of a Child

    I prayed, “God, even if you never heal him, we will still serve you!” The

    Lacrisha Buoy Lacrisha Buoy

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