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Cast All Your Cares On Him

Uncertainty breeds anxiety, and anxiety can overtake us. As children of God, we are not exempt from these moments.

Feona Garrick Feona Garrick
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Peace for the Broken

The shackles that long had bound her fell broken at Jesus’ feet.…

Anne Johnston Anne Johnston

Beyond Coping

Find peace in the knowledge that if things get difficult, He will…

Kara McCoy Kara McCoy

When All Around Is Sinking Sand

All around was sinking sand, but somehow, in the middle of the…

Lakelie Lopez Lakelie Lopez

Loss and Grief: The Power of a Reframe

The loss you experienced is framed by an old, tattered, bleak frame…

Way Maker

God loves our prodigals more than we ever could! Even though we…

Michelle Graham Michelle Graham

Peace Is a Verb

Peace is a practice—a verb—something you make happen. It’s not just something…

Melani Shock Melani Shock
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