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The Favored Road

Hard roads are not the absence of God’s favor but an opportunity for His grace to be felt deeply and…

Rachel Gates Rachel Gates
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A Life Worth Imitating

We are all mentors to someone. We are watched, imitated, mentoring others,…

Gena Caruthers Gena Caruthers

Seeking Truth

I’m grateful for her commitment to seeking truth amid challenges; her story…

Gina Miller Gina Miller

The Dilemma…A Liminal Space

In times of uncertainty, genuine dependence on God opens the door to…

Nilah Gann Nilah Gann

The Lord My God

I grappled with the conflict between Hindu practices and the revelation of…

Yogpriya Krishnamurthy Yogpriya Krishnamurthy

Willie Johnson

The effectiveness of Willie Johnson’s ministry cannot be understood apart from her…

Lori Wagner Lori Wagner

Not Me, God, I’m a Woman

Feeling God’s call into pastoral ministry, I initially resisted. I am a…

Brenda Bowley Brenda Bowley